Celebrate the new!

Happy New Year to all our Nectarine friends.  This is our 40th year in business, and we thank you for yet another year!

The past couple of years have been difficult for so many small businesses, and we want to share some of the successes to help you grow your business.  These proven best practices were successful in 2010 and look to be winners again this year.   They are easy, can make your business special, and give your clientele what they want in a shopping experience.

Customer Service: Consumers are looking for a positive shopping experience.  They appreciate being greeted by a friendly sales associate.  They also value product knowledge.  Nectarine’s Info Source is a great resource for product training, as is our website.

Private Label and Value Shopping: More and more consumers appreciate private label products where they perceive value and quality.  Your own brand already offers both!  Focus on building your brand in terms of a prime position, fresh merchandising, sampling, events and promos; your store or salon is the only place they can buy it, and most often, margins are better.

Personalization: Athletic shoes, jeans, cosmetics and electronics are all being personalized.  This is a great opportunity to cash in on what you are already offering–custom scenting! Keep a record of your clients” favorite blends and/or create some of your own–personalized to your locale i.e. Rocky Mountain Rose, Manhattan Musk, Seattle Rain.

Rewards: Loyalty cards are a great way of driving customers into your store. They can be stamped each time a customer makes a purchase and are easily printed on your computer.  Also consider becoming a part of your local schools’ Scrip program.  This will foster goodwill in the community.

Social Coupons: Tons of Social Networks offering local discounts (i.e. Groupon, Living Social) have sprouted up this year and offer a great way for retailers, spas and salons to increase traffic.  However, one pitfall is that these coupons can generate more business than the average retailer can handle.  There are also smaller sites to use.  Check out the internet for useful articles on how to do this right!

Go Green. Our society has become increasingly environmental.  Nectarine’s Organic Spa Collection has seen the biggest growth of any category in our collection.

Seasonal Selling: Winter is never as big as Summer in the retail world, but consumers are looking for ways to improve their mood and their skin.  Now is the time to introduce some new regimens to your clients, adapted for seasons and geography.  Rich moisturizers are key and our excellent essential oils can have a uplifting effect on the spirit.

In with the New: Each season bring in new products; This has become so important in retail today.  The big competitors bring in new products monthly or every 6 weeks and consumers love it.   It takes a small investment to create some excitement!

Get your business online!!! 60% of all women shop online, and we want you to capture those sales.  Check out our blogs for more info on this!!  Start now so you will ready during the busier summer and holiday seasons!

Most of all have fun with the creative part of your business and your customers!  As always, we are here to help.

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