10 Reasons we LOVE Shea Butter!

Featured Image -- 139Shea butter is considered Africa’s miracle moisturizer and for good reason. It isn’t just a trendy cosmetic ingredient — it has stood the test of time. Shea butter has been central to beauty rituals since the days of Cleopatra because it is an amazingly effective emollient.

Scientific studies prove that Shea butter is a wonder-working moisturizer, with visible improvement of skin texture and tone after regular use. It is exceptionally high in phyto-nutrients–vitamins A and E–plus essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid. Importantly, it also provides a moisture barrier — like a lid on a steamer. Not only has it long been known to heal and soothe, it even has limited benefits to guard against environmental effects (but you still need your SPF!). Cosmetic scientists love this fabulous ingredient because of its spreadability and quick absorption rate. It is so versatile, we even recommend it to smooth hair frizzies!

Shea butter and shea nutsHarvested from the nut of the fruit of the sacred African Shea tree, Shea butter is called “women’s gold” as it provides employment and income to millions of women across Africa. Mostly organized in cooperatives and using traditional methods, women harvest the fruit, crush the nuts inside to extract the valuable butter, and then clean, package and sell it at local markets or for export.

la récolte du karitéThe UN Development Programme (UNDP) estimates that approximately three million African women work directly or indirectly with Shea butter. Nigeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Benin and Togo are top producing countries. (UN.org: African Renewal Magazine August 2013)

We are a women-owned company ourselves and have used Shea butter in our products for decades. Committed to supporting this valuable industry, we offer many formulations containing Shea butter, oil or extract — from creams to lotions to shower gels. And because of their proven effectiveness, they are perennial favorites!

For more information, read the science: http://www.ceci.ca/assets/uploads/PDF-FR/Karite/SheaButterRevivalAfricanWonder.pdf

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