Get Cozy with Nectarine’s Holiday Soaps!

We have wonderful memories associated with the winter holidays, whether it’s laughing at the dinner table with family, mulling hot cider, lighting Hannukah candles, or delicately decorating the Christmas tree. A big part of memory is aroma, and we want to talk a bit about the lovely soaps Nectarine offers this holiday season, that will provide you and your loved ones with some much-deserved pampering.

Glycerin Soap Category

Nectarine’s glycerin soaps have always been small-batch, handcrafted soaps made with the highest quality ingredients. Our 100% vegetable-based glycerin is a natural humectant; glycerin loves and attracts water, which is why it works so well to moisturize skin. This is particularly important during the colder months when our skin tends to dry out! And, as the leaves turn and the air becomes cool, we love warm, rich scents such as pine, olive oil, and pumpkin spice that remind us of home and of pies baking in the oven.

Our pinon pine fragrance is evocative in any season, but particularly so during crisp autumn afternoons and winter holidays. Inspired by the fresh, woodsy aroma of New Mexico Pinon pine trees, our pinon pine glycerin soap is the perfect starting point for a relaxing, sauna inspired set. Use our pinon pine fragrance with our Diffuser Reeds for a relaxing, clean home scent, or mix it into our 2-in-1 Silkening Shampoo and Conditioner for a fresh and convenient men’s hair product.

Perfume Oil Category

Peppermint is another wonderful scent this time of year, evoking memories of hot cocoa, candy canes and holiday cheer! Our 100% pure peppermint essential oil cools and refreshes the skin, while boosting and stimulating the spirit. Pair a peppermint soap bar with custom-scented, red Luxury Foaming bath gel and Botanical Mineral Bath Salts to create a spa-like bath package.

These are just a few ideas to help get your imagination rolling — our new website has a wealth of pictures and resources to assist you this holiday season and all year. Don’t miss out on our 10% off holiday soaps, making it easy for you to sweeten the holidays with Nectarine soaps and matching pampering products! This offer is good from November 2 to November 15, so order now!

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