It’s a Flash Sale on our staff picks for the holidays!

Nectarine Flash Sale

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of Nectarine’s week-long flash sale on our staff’s favorite holiday items. From Thursday, December 3 – Thursday, December 10, we are offering 10% off of our staff picks. From luscious body lotions to indulgent bath salts, we have everything you and your customers will want this holiday season. Below, hear directly from Leslie, Kim and Kathy about their go-to seasonal products, which will make fantastic gifts for friends and family this holiday season. Shop sale now!

Leslie’s Picks!

BHSLGordonShea Butter Revitalizing Lotion – As the weather turns cool, my skin (and everyone else’s, too) needs a rich moisturizer, to prevent dry, cracked skin — I can’t stand dry skin! I love the creaminess of Shea Butter, and I turn to this lotion every winter. Try it, and you’ll understand my loyalty.

White Tea & Shea Ultimate Moisture Shower Cream – There’s a theme here: super moisturizing. I depend on this amazing shower cream to gently clean while Shea Butter adds moisture to my skin and anti-oxidant white tea protects against environmental damage and aging. There’s soothing aloe vera in the formula, too. I don’t feel my best unless my skin is smooth and glowing; try showering with this wonderful cleansing cream and then follow up with Shea Butter Revitalizing Cream.

Plum Blossom – I trained in ballet from age six through college so this scent reminds me of performing in the Nutcracker every December. It brings up many wonderful memories, but I also like the fragrance itself — it is floral and sweet and uplifting. I would put this fragrance into a rollette bottle and use these pink rollette caps; they are so festive and bright, they really add a spark to your holiday packaging. When customers are shopping for gifts, packaging is everything! Take my advice and try out these fun caps this year.

Marakesh Musk – This is my favorite Nectarine scent right now. It’s deep and sensual smelling, with notes of amber, sandalwood and orange. This kind of darker, muskier fragrance is very fashionable for women.

Kim’s Picks!

KimBath Fizzies – These bath salt balls are great for custom scenting and long soaks in the tub. The holidays are a busy time of year–filled with family and friends–but setting aside time to relax is important, too. The natural salts in these fizzies soften my skin and the effervescent bubbles always make me feel like I’m at a luxury spa! Use these bags for cute packaging.

Stardust Body Lotion – I choose this lovely, shimmering body lotion every year for the holidays. It’s tinted a pale pink and has a beautiful, subtle shimmer — we use natural mica sparkles to reflect light. I wear this lotion to holiday parties and on New Year’s Eve every year, and it never fails to garner many compliments!

Vitamin E Massage Lotion with Natural Vegetable Oils – This is a classic Nectarine massage lotion that is very creamy and softening. It’s a great product to use during these cold months that are so tough on our skin. A nice idea for the holidays is for a spa customer to pair this lotion with an eye pillow or gift certificate.

Silver Stream– I like that this fragrance works well for women and men. It’s fresh smelling, reminding me of the mountains and pillowy snow. It has notes of bergamot, mandarin and musk, so it has a little something for everyone.

Kathy’s Picks!

KathyBotanical Mineral Salts Dead Sea salts and Pacific Sea salts, combined with hibiscus, papaya leaf and white ginger extracts, make these bath salts my favorite holiday luxury. These sea salts calm tense and tired muscles, which I believe is really important at the end of the year as we get ready for the new year.

Sonoma Spa Blossom – This fragrance is perfect for creating a pampering gift–it’s wonderful for a soothing shower gel— and it pairs beautifully with our Diffuser Reeds for a fresh home fragrance. I love entertaining over the holidays, and Sonoma Spa Blossom makes my home smell sweet and welcoming.

Matchpoint – My husband and son love this fragrance because it’s clean and classic.  I like how warm and spicy smelling it is, thanks to Jamaican rum, musk, vanilla and peppercorn. It is a no-brainer gift for men this holiday season.

Shop our sale TODAY and get inspired this holiday season.

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