Valentine’s Day gift ideas your customer will fall for!

Valentine's Sale Nect 2016 - webpage

Americans spend around $20 billion on Valentine’s Day — so, you don’t want to miss out on this major gift-giving holiday.

With that in mind, we have gorgeous gift ideas for you this year, and to make the holiday extra sweet, we are offering 10% off of our picks. From luxurious bath gels, to perfume oils, to men’s shave cream, we have thoughtful gift ideas for all loved ones! Pop over to our website, and shop today through January 22 to put together fabulous Valentine’s Day displays.

Here are a few numbers to remember:

  • More than half of Americans shopping in 2015 said they would buy gifts for other family members in addition to their significant others. They will also buy for friends, co-workers and their children’s classmates and teachers.
  • Many Americans like to give bath products as gifts, with  38% people buying specialty bath products as a gift.
  • Men will spend an average of $190.50 on gifts, while women will spend $96.50.

We chose a few of our loveliest and most seductive scents perfume bottlesfor this Valentine’s Day special. Pink Sugar Kiss is a flirty fragrance, with a complex layering of sweet-smelling vanilla, pink cotton candy and caramel, balanced with zesty bergamot, Sicilian orange and fig leaf.

Pair the perfume oil with its matching glycerin bar soap, which is a beautiful and bright fuchsia, and add our pink or purple Luxury Foaming Bath Gel to make an enticing gift set. Throw in an invigorating body sponge to slough away dry skin and reveal beautifully soft skin underneath, and it’s sure to make bathing a fun and indulgent experience — our bath gel formula is incredibly rich and moisturizing, even while cleansing skin. Friends, co-workers and teachers alike will appreciate these bath sets, to help them make time to relax and decompress.

We also recommend China Musk, Lilac, Tea Rose and Vanilla this time of year. Delicate and feminine floral fragrances, their glycerin bar soaps are an array of romantic purples, pinks and gold. Sell them along with rollette bottles with pink caps, and these work perfectly in a gift set as well!

Men love pampering, too, and men’s products are the hottest personal care market in 2016! Black Ambrosia is a deeply sensual fragrance, with spicy notes of nutty tobacco, warm cocoa beans and Peruvian clove. It’s finished out with earthy patchouli and island vanilla, and it works beautifully for men and women. Our Natural Sandalwood Brushless Shave Cream helps men get a super close shave, whether they’re cleaning up their beards or going for a clean-shaved look. It’s lightly scented with Indi Sandalwood and contains comfrey, calendula and aloe to soothe irritations.

These products are sure to melt hearts this year — don’t be left out!


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