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Launching Now Nect category (1)

Kim has the low-down on Nectarine’s new launches, spanning from super hot products for men (important to note: the men’s grooming market was valued at $6.3 billion in 2015 and will continue to grow) to lovely new fragrances for both men and women. Order now through Friday, March 4 to receive 10% off of our Beard Oil, Perfume Oils and VOC-Compliant Diffuser Reed Base!


Kim: OK, I’m really excited about these products we’ve created for you! We’re expanding our market reach, which is a development I think is important for all of our customers. We have more products for men and more products for natural and curly hair – there’s a lot of room for growth in both of those sectors. Here’s why I think they’re fabulous and your customers will think so, too.

Shea & Jojoba Beard Oil Beards are in right now — from our sports stars to the board room!beard oil But I’m talking about healthy, well-cared-for beards. This beard oil boasts 99% certified organic ingredients, including pure castor, sunflower and jojoba oils, to instantly soften and add sheen to the beard. Pair it with one of our shave creams, shave soaps and facial creams to make a spectacular men’s shaving package.

Daily Hold Pomade with Coconut Oil & Flax This pomade is coming in March (and a special offer will take place then!). Pomade is no less than essential to modern grooming for men – take my word for it. The men’s grooming market is exploding, going beyond shaving products to hair care and skin care products. Our new, water-based pomade is perfect for men who want a sleek, styled look for their hair. Unlike a traditional, waxy pomade, our water-based formula is gentle on hair and easy to wash out. It’s lightweight control is why we call it a “Daily Hold” pomade – perfect for adding casual sleekness to your everyday look, without being too stiff or fussy.

 Ascot Red  Inspired by the rich heritage and excitement of the of British Ascot racing, this new men’s fragrance is classic and sophisticated. With top notes of invigorating and spicy ginger, grapefruit and cranberry, as well as the earthy woods of the track, this cologne is alluring with a modern edge. It also has notes of saffron, musk, coffee and leather, adding masculine depth. Ascot Red is sure to be an instant men’s favorite.

bahiaBahia Perfume Oil I haven’t been (YET), but Bahia, Brazil is famous for its beaches, intoxicating music and colorful dance — our new Bahia fragrance will transport you to this beautiful, tropical locale. This scent is a spirited layering of invigorating sea mist energized with mystical Palo Santo and vanilla orchid. Veiled in subtle notes of lotus, freesia, rosewater and white musk, this fragrance makes us say, “Eu amo Bahia.”

Strawberry Perfume Oil Our new Strawberry Perfume Oil is sweet and lovely, invoking memories of warm, summer days and lush gardens. Fruity and fresh, this fragrance is a true, single note Strawberry essence.

Diffuser Reed Base This is a special formula of our diffuser reed base that meets current VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) requirements. It’s a high performance diffuser oil base that should be mixed with 8 – 10% perfume oil — the scented oil will travel up the diffuser reed, release fragrance into the room, and create a lasting, true aroma (up to 90 – 100 days)!  VOC compliance means that the product has less of an environmental impact and regulations vary from state to state. 

Now it’s time to go explore!


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