It’s Spring! Here are our Top Five Fragrances.

light muskWe are all ready to welcome spring – green leaves, delicate wildflowers, and bright blue skies come to mind during this cheerful season! At Nectarine, we want to help you get into a springtime state of mind with our picks for the hottest fragrance notes and perfumes  of the season.

At your in-store blending bar, suggest some of these stylish, seasonal fragrance notes to your customers as you work with them on custom scenting their favorite lotions, shower gels and soaps. We also love bringing the spring indoors this time of year – our new, VOC-compliant Diffuser Reed Base is perfect for lightly scenting your home with Diffuser Reeds (aromas last 90-100 days!).

On the deeper, more sensual side, we love sandalwood and light musk; although less obvious for spring, we like the warmth and sophistication of these notes. For brighter, more classically spring-like notes, think about fresh-cut grass and a beautifully crisp citrus, or try a sweet vanilla scent. And, of course, we always love floral notes for spring, such as jasmine petals and tuberose. Below are our top five fragrance picks – order now!

Aloe Vera – This perfume oil is fresh, green and slightly sweet. With notes of fresh-cutaloe vera grass, lemony citrus and light musk, this fragrance embodies perfectly the joy of early spring. Perfect for a lunchtime picnic in the park. Also great for shampoo and conditioner.

Muguet – A classic of French perfumery, this soft, romantic single note floral captures the scent of the delicate white lily of the valley blooming in the fields of Europe. This is quintessential spring! Ideal for a fancy, fun date night.

sunshowerSunshower – The name of this perfume says it all, right? Just perfect for spring, bright citrus notes combine with a sparkling bouquet of freesia, muguet and pink peony to create a clean, floral perfume. Perfect everyday scent to wear at the office and to happy hour. Try it in our Vitamin E Revitalizing Hydrator Spray for an incredibly refreshing and sweet-smelling pick-me-up.

White Tea – This scent is beautifully light. A sophisticated blend of subtle, clean white tea and fresh bergamot, with romantic freesia, rose, jasmine and violet accords veiled in the sensual embrace of musk and amber. Wear White Tea to a lovely, outdoor dinner at your local cafe. Works very well in a massage oil.

China Musk – China Musk is a spring classic. Nectarine’s authentic, original China Musk is mugueta powder-fresh blend of sensual light musk, Chinese rose, sparkling clean citrus, plus vanilla and amber spice. It’s bright floral top notes are muted just enough by it’s amber and light musk bottom notes to make it intriguing and slightly mysterious. Try China Musk for a night out and about, whether at the theater, the ballet or the movies.

Go outdoors, see what else inspires you and shop! And don’t forget our springtime shelf talker, available right here on our website.

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