Selling Tip: Help your Customers Build a “Fragrance Wardrobe”

Fotolia_101392074_L b & w vector.jpgChange is in the air with fragrance purchases! In the past few years, there has been a revolution in the way women wear perfumes, especially young women.

Millenials love to change-it-up with a “fragrance wardrobe” rather than a signature scent – they treat fragrance like an accessory, adjusting it based on their mood, their outfit, what they’re doing and who they’ll be with. This is good news for you, as introducing new fragrances is an easy and essential step towards retaining your loyal followers and attracting new customers.

Not only is a ½ pound of perfume essence a minimal investment for the retailer, but your returns can be large.  It is also an enticing, sensory and affordable pick-me-up for your customers!

Pair your Perfume Oils with our gorgeous bottles – try the Elliptical Bottle with a Gold Cap for a vintage-inspired look  or the Blue Apothecary Bottle for a look that will truly stand out. Remember perfumery is all about discovery and experimentation – help your customers have fun with fragrance.

In 2016, Nectarine has introduced a range of tempting, all-season aromas for every style. Ascot Red for men is an instant classic, with its seductive layers of spicy ginger, grapefruit and cranberry, as well as the earthy woods of the track. Musk, coffee and leather add masculine depth

Bahia is a lush, tropical scent – Bahia, Brazil is famous for its beaches, intoxicating music and colorful dance – this new fragrance will transport you to this tropical locale. This scent is a spirited layering of sea mist energized, Palo Santo and vanilla orchid. Veiled in subtle notes of lotus, freesia, rosewater and white musk, we say “Eu amo Bahia.”

Finally, we introduced a simple, just-sweet-enough Strawberry scent. It’s perfect for the current warm weather, reminding us of summertime picnics and lazy, sunny days. This true, single note fragrance is ideal for a shower gel or to scent our fabulous, VOC-compliant Diffuser Reed Base.

Our Perfume Promo only lasts until Thursday, June 30, don’t miss it!

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