Small Business Saturday + Planning Ahead for 2017 & Beyond!

AMEX_Shop_Small_Street_RGB_SOLID_Logo1Small Business Saturday is coming on November 26, 2016. This day is a fabulous opportunity for small-business owners to increase foot traffic into their stores, host fun in-store events, get great publicity and engage with their local communities. For the small retailer, there is a great opportunity though for extra sales with Small Business Saturday.

You don’t have to accept American Express to cash in on all of these benefits. Small Business Saturday offers awesome services to both American Express accepting merchants and to those merchants who don’t accept American Express. And by registering with SBS, you can sign up to receive free online ads, signage, tote bags and much more. Be sure to register by November 11 in order to be eligible for online ad space, and visit their website for more information!

The Calm Before the Holiday Storm–Important Stats on Holiday 2016 and the future of shopping!

Holiday shopping starts even earlier this year!  It’s estimated that 49% of consumers will start their shopping before Thanksgiving and have a bulk of it completed by Thanksgiving Day! With this surprising statistic in mind, the time is NOW to start thinking about getting your holiday displays set up and marketing to your base.

Online and Mobile Shopping is UP again!

mobile-shoppingOver half of holiday shoppers will be purchasing online this year, and many through their mobile devices. If you do not yet have a polished online presence for your store, now is the time to be thinking about developing one. Consumers are increasingly busy with work, kids, plus the growing hassle of hassle of parking, traffic, crowds, etc. so many of your local customers may be choosing to buy from their favorite local, or not so local, e-tailer.

E-Commerce is becoming easy!  
An e-commerce site is no longer daunting and expensive, thanks to top e-commerce hosting platforms that offer a variety of mobile-friendly and beautiful templates, sales tax collection and merchant charge portals.   These cloud-based platforms also offer integration with email and social media platforms, so you can manage your store from one dashboard! A few leaders in the marketplace to consider are Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Volusion.  They all have pros and cons, depending on your needs, and it is good to do some research before you start out.  There are also third party sites, such as AmazonEbay and Etsy, but do your research on the fees these platforms charge, to determine if this is a profitable marketplace for you


Get Ready for the Holidays!  
Kick off the holidays by planning purchases, displays, sales and marketing communications. Start the wheels turning in terms of your goals for 2017. Remember to feature your private label products in both your store AND retail site, as this is your best competitive advantage and what makes you special in your community and the most thoughtful gift. Look ahead to 2017 and explore e-commerce options, so you can be in step and meet the needs of your shoppers.

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