Easy tips for cashing in this Father’s Day with the men’s grooming boom!

mens-groomingJune 18th is the day Fathers will get the appreciation they deserve.  While fragrance, bath and body products are most often associated with women, the largest growth in the industry has been in Men’s grooming.  Women also purchase the majority of men’s grooming items, so you can still rely on your traditional customer base to do the shopping!  If you haven’t done so already, there is still time (and it is easy) to create your own brand of products especially for men.

Many of Nectarine’s Men’s products are already packaged in jars and bottles, so even if you have a simple blending bar, a Mens line is very do-able.  http://bit.ly/2pLXe38

A Core Collection would include the following, HOWEVER men’s facial care is enjoying the biggest category growth, so don’t ignore facial creams and toners.
Shave Cream
Shave  Soap
Beard Oil
Aftershave Lotion

Shaving products are obviously unique to men, however colognes and body deos (think AXE), are right on trend.  They can also be used as an aftershave splash (however just add a touch of fragrance, since it is on the face).

Millenials are drivers in this current upswing in sales.  Beards are HOT and Nectarine’s Beard Oil is an easy way to attract this clientele (or their parents).

Bottling and labeling is easy, since most chic men’s lines are simple and clean,  Check out our Pinterest site for inspiration http://bit.ly/2qhcrMB and our blog “Labels 101” http://bit.ly/2rgFhem for easy DIY labeling tips  Both will make testing out this new market a cinch!

In our efforts to make this even easier, download here a shelf talker to feature your new collection! http://bit.ly/2pMtZfI

Have fun and Happy Father’s Day!






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