All Natural Fragrances — aromatic, complex and wearable!

Natural Fragrances Are In Demand:  The straight scoop on Natural Fragrance vs. Synthetic Scents

Vintage Cedar.pngBotanical based body care continues to be a huge sector in our industry!  Consumers are now choosing natural scents as one part of their fragrance wardrobe because they 1) like the natural aromas and are moving away from cloying, mass market perfumes; 2) perceive that these fresh fragrances are more natural; 3) desire niche and indie brands; 4) feel natural fragrances sound healthier, and 5) are experiencing the stress of urban life and looking for a way to connect to nature.  All Natural Fragrances have made their way into bath and body and Nectarine gives you the opportunity to add them to your base products or use then as skin perfumes. Nectarine denotes these scents with an AN next to the name.

All Natural Fragrances (AN)
According to the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), fragrances can only be represented as natural if they meet certain standards.  Ingredients are obtained from plants using distillation, expression or extraction and cannot contain petrochemical solvents. Natural fragrances are complex–utilizing an array of raw materials such as essential oils, distillates, resins and extracts.

Natural vs. Synthetic Fragrance
Natural fragrances have a higher perceived value than synthetics, as they are believed to be of superior quality, more sustainable, safer, and therapeutic. Not all of these perceptions are true, but they do drive demand.  Synthetic fragrances are often a combination of naturals and synthetics. They can longer lasting on the skin, be more consistent from batch to batch, and the perfumer’s palette is richer, therefore the aromas tend to be complex and sophisticated.  They are generally less expensive and at times even safer for the skin! Synthetics can run the gamut from smelling identical to nature to a pure aromatic fantasy. They can also substitute for endangered natural resources. Even given many of the advantages of synthetics, the range, quality and demand for naturals continues to increase.

Nectarine Natural Fragrances and Essential Oils
Nectarine has been a leader in utilizing botanicals since 1970.  We stock a range of the highest grade of pure essential oils. We are now introducing choice all-natural (AN) fragrances, as we feel the quality of these scents meet the needs of our retailers.  They can be blended into our bases or used as a skin scents. Nectarine has created two exceptional all-natural fragrances utilizing aromatic, quality and therapeutic ingredients, so not only do they smell great, your customers will enjoy using them too!  Click on the links below to learn more about Vintage Cedar & Ylang Allure All Natural fragrances and our range of Pure Essential Oils!

Vintage Cedar:
An exceptional creation, reminiscent of classic perfumery, melds fresh, balancing cedar and spruce essential oils, with precious accords of calming geranium, lavender, spirited orange, and guiacwood. The finishing touch is bright hints hints of black pepper. Great for women and men!

Ylang Allure:
Sultry, complex and voluptuous, Ylang Ylang is considered the “Flower of Flowers” in the Philippines and so romantic it is spread on the bed of newlyweds. We’ve paired Ylang Ylang essential oil, cedar and natural citrus, and creamy, spice notes of West Indian sandalwood, vanillin, patchouli and resin.

Damask Rose:  Launching in April, our newest natural fragrance is Damask Rose! Damask Rose (rosa damascena) is a symbol of romance and beauty and the traditional rose used in perfumery and rosewater. With its affordable price, this all-natural Damask Rose fragrance, will surely be prized by your clientele! This elegant, clean floral is an artful blend natural rosa damascena with aromatic essential oils of geranium, fresh citrus, precious star anise and smooth sandalwood, offers a romantic rose experience.

Great as a personal skin fragrance or for custom scenting especially in the Organic Spa selections.

Fun fact: The name of the rose refers to the city of Damascus, once known for its luxurious silk Damask fabrics and aromatic roses. The special roses were believed to be brought to Europe in the 12th century.

Pure Essential Oils:  
Tea Tree

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