Back to School 101: 15 Ideas to Lure Students, Teachers & Parents

Facebook back to school (1)

Kids are starting a new year and exciting adventures in high school and college.  Looking their best is on their mind, not to mention that shopping for skin and bathing products is a lot more fun than paper and pencils (does anyone use paper anymore?).

This is a great opportunity for retailers to create exciting happenings in their stores to lure students, parents and even teachers to become dedicated shoppers.  Check out these 15 ideas to lure a new crowd to your business and have fun!!!

  1. Get started easily with 10% off special items the first month of school.  (Check out our Nectarine sale at and download a handy shelf talker)
  2. Free coffee and donuts with purchase. Coordinate with a local purveyor to see if you can team up to defray costs and promote other small businesses!  Put a sandwich sign outside to tempt people with your goodies!
  3. Advertise in the student newspaper and offer coupons (make sure to promote your social media sites).
  4. Teach a class on perfumery before classes start.
  5. Launch a customer loyalty program, which can be as easy as a stamp card, for students and teachers. Consumers have so many places to shop, so this is a great incentive to keep them coming back to your business.
  6. Free gift with purchase, i.e. a 2 oz. bottle of Rain Bath Gel or our newly improved, sulfate-free 2-in-1 Shampoo to which is so useful in the dorm shower or gym (let’s get a new generation hooked on Rain).
  7. Gear up for the first day of Fall.  Nectarine is already shipping our seasonal soaps– Pumpkin Spice and Pinon Pine.  Start the Pumpkin Spice craze NOW!
  8. Encourage roommates and new friends to visit your location with referral discounts or BOGO offers.
  9. Create fun, themed, and discounted bundles i.e.:  Blemish Busters:  Lemon & Tea Tree Blemish Gel, Mint Scrub & Organic Spa Rosewater & Witch Hazel TonerGuy GroomingBeard Oil, 2-in-1 Shampoo, Head to Toes Body Wash, and Shaving GelRave for RainRain scented Luxury Foaming Bath Gel & Sea Minerals Hydra-Silk Lotion, plus a Perfume in a roll-on bottle.
  10. Create a marketing calendar for the Fall, and use in-store and online communications to advertise specials.  (Remember October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and November is Small Business Saturday.)
  11. Locate social media ambassadors in your town — Marketing Majors love to create excitement around brands in exchange for free products.  Back to school FB (2)
  12. Back to school Instagram or Facebook giveaways: raffle something special i.e. a shower tote of products.  To develop your following, include a bag stuffer that communicates your social media channels and offers incentives for sign-ups.
  13. Pamper teachers and professors with a special discounts off of their purchases.
  14. Reward students who get good grades; they show their report card, and you give a gift for the As.
  15. Offer part-time jobs for students. This is a win-win. Students will earn money and experience; their friends and family will shop with you too!


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