All Natural Fragrances — aromatic, complex and wearable!

Nature's Body Care for Your Private Label

Natural Fragrances Are In Demand:  The straight scoop on Natural Fragrance vs. Synthetic Scents

Vintage Cedar.pngBotanical based body care continues to be a huge sector in our industry!  Consumers are now choosing natural scents as one part of their fragrance wardrobe because they 1) like the natural aromas and are moving away from cloying, mass market perfumes; 2) perceive that these fresh fragrances are more natural; 3) desire niche and indie brands; 4) feel natural fragrances sound healthier, and 5) are experiencing the stress of urban life and looking for a way to connect to nature.  All Natural Fragrances have made their way into bath and body and Nectarine gives you the opportunity to add them to your base products or use then as skin perfumes. Nectarine denotes these scents with an AN next to the name.

All Natural Fragrances (AN)
According to the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), fragrances can only…

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